Golden Chariot Departure Dates 2024 - 2025

Golden Chariot offers 3 enchanting journeys that take the guests through the majestic lands of India. These journeys of the Indian luxury train. All these Journeys comprise of a sightseeing tour, providing you with the opportunity to admire the magnificent beauty of India.

Check out the fixed departure dates of Golden Chariot journeys for season 2024 - 2025 in the below mentioned table.

Departure Date 2024
Dates Journey Booking
19th Oct 2024Pride of Karnataka
16th Nov 2024Pride of Karnataka
14th Dec 2024Pride of Karnataka
05th Oct 2024Jewels of South
02nd Nov 2024Jewels of South
30th Nov 2024Jewels of South
21st Dec 2024Jewels of South
12th Oct 2024Glimpses of Karnataka
09th Nov 2024Glimpses of Karnataka
07th Dec 2024Glimpses of Karnataka
28th Dec 2024Glimpses of Karnataka
Departure Date 2025
Dates Journey Booking
4th Jan 2025Pride of Karnataka
1st Feb 2025Pride of Karnataka
1st Mar 2025Pride of Karnataka
18th Jan 2025Jewels of South
15th Feb 2025Jewels of South
15th Mar 2025Jewels of South
25th Jan 2025Glimpses of Karnataka
22nd Feb 2025Glimpses of Karnataka
22nd Mar 2025Glimpses of Karnataka