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The Golden Chariot
"Travel back in time on Karnataka's Luxury train, Golden Chariot, Which takes you to a land of palaces and treasures"

Welcome to Golden Chariot - a luxuriously appointed train that takes you to a land of architectural marvels, heritage monuments, wildlife sanctuaries, coffee plantations, divine temples, pristine beaches, roaring waterfalls, calming hills, adventure activities, magnificent art forms, sacred festivals and traditional cuisines. The Golden Chariot links some of South India's greatest destinations trundling through spectacular locales, recapturing the romance of a by-gone era making your sojourn an unforgettable one. It makes you travel back in time by capturing the essence, the magic and the fragrance of the natural wonders and World Heritage Sites of South India.

The Golden Chariot, run by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation (KSTDC), covers most of the Karnataka and also chugs through neighboring states including the enchanting Tamil Nadu, God's own country Kerala and the land of golden beaches Goa. Crafted especially for those with the royal flavor, the train is truly a masterpiece that compliments the historical significance of the places covered. This is evidently visible from its construction and design, which are inspired by the Mysore and Hoysala architectures.

Come, have a rendezvous with the brilliance of Southern India through the train's two thematically designed journeys - Splendour of South and Pride of the South.